Folk & acoustic roots singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist   

#6 Folk Alliance International (FAI) Folk Chart Top Albums | August 2023

"Joy Zimmerman's follow up to her very fine 2021 album, The Canvas Before Us, is an even better representation of her considerable singing, songwriting, and violin playing skills. If I had to choose one adjective to describe this album, it would be 'uplifting.' Even when dealing with difficult topics, Joy finds a way to an affirming, positive place. It's difficult for me to pick which of these songs will get the most play on my radio show, as there are so many good ones." ~Bob McWilliams, Host of Trail Mix, Kansas Public Radio

"Joy Zimmerman has the knack for taking an audience on a musical journey with storytelling and music in a way few artists are able to do. With her latest album, Joy surpasses even herself. This album should be in every folk music lover's collection."  ~Dani Goodband, Lakeside Music

Americana UK Track Premiere

"If I Should Fall Behind" featuring Katie Dahl (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Where the “Light Lives” Official Videos



Joy at the Green Guitar 

by Ann Pai

Winner of the Johnson County Library "All Together Now" Poetry Contest

Two hundred or so folks, we 
don't much know each other. 
We're here for Joy, 

for her live singing and guitar. 
The first notes drip from her fingers 
and we sigh like a water dipper's 
lifted to our lips. We're one room now: 

Joy's voice rises like 
biscuits in the oven as day 
sings to darkness. Her light 
goes everywhere. 

Her hands on the guitar 
untie the knots in us. Her song 
sorts the loose strands of us, 
begins to knit us back together, 

a blanket made of each other. 
We’re enfolded snug, 
in last rippling notes, applause, 
gifts of gratitude, a next tune, 
friends, neighbors, community. 
Joy's local.