Folk & Acoustic Roots

Joy Zimmerman’s soulful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics light up her new folk & acoustic roots album, The Canvas Before Us. Listeners will hear echoes of their own journeys in Joy’s songs of hope, heartache and resilience. Rich acoustic instrumentation and lyrical songwriting coalesce in all fourteen songs. With splashes of social commentary and humor, Joy’s new album invites the question: What story will the canvas of our lives tell? 


Joy Zimmerman has taken her music to a new level on "The Canvas Before Us," which not only showcases her lovely voice but also an array of new songs speaking eloquently and emotionally to the human condition. Am greatly looking forward to playing these songs on Kansas Public Radio's Trail Mix.         

~Bob McWilliams, host, Trail Mix on Kansas Public Radio 

“The Canvas Before Us” is a lyrical gift from a kind, thoughtful and fully formed artist. The tableau set for each song is complemented with superb instrumentation; each cut has a stringed “star.” It is apparent from Joy’s work on this album she is well read, a student of history and the human condition. Her voice is crystal clear. The words indicate her “antenna” was up and she is now ready to broadcast these songs that paint beautiful sonic pictures.    

~Diana Linn Ennis, DJ/Podcaster of Tasty Brew Music and Co-Founder/Director of Heartland Song Network, Inc.

Joy Zimmerman and the Gordons have long been two of our favorites. We were thrilled when we learned that Gary Gordon was producing this CD and it is truly a match made in heaven. This is a poignant concept album and there is a brush stroke of lyrics running through every song, reminding us that we are the creators of our lives. The title fits this project perfectly and the palette of instruments and Joy's crystal clear voice have added just the right colors in just the right places. This CD is a WORK OF ART! 

~ Donna and Kelly Mulhollan, aka Still on the Hill

"The Canvas Before Us" is a warm and beautiful album about hope, reflection and the loving humor that only Joy Zimmerman can infuse. I love this album! Inspiring women, love, our future, the state of the world—so many unique stories accompanied by music that is both original and comforting. Joy Zimmerman gives us both in this lovely and thoughtful new release. Lucky us. 

~Dani Goodband, Lakeside Music 

“A Canvas Before Us” brings Joy's beautiful soprano to us in a way that allows her voice to ring in its clear, clean truth as never before. The instrumentation creates buoyant liquid for her to float in the center and carry the listener along. Even the songs I am very familiar with were a new and wonderful listening experience. The world gets to celebrate the true Joy in this CD. It leaves us wanting for more! 

~ Peggy Kelly, Open Range Concerts – Up North  


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