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Latest News

We're heading back to Weights and Measures Soundlab in January 2019 to record my sixth album of original music. Can't wait to see the new songs come to life and share the ride with you! "To the Girl" will be released at Knuckleheads on Thursday, April 11th. Stay tuned for updates and ways you can get involved...


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Note By Note: O Sorrow | No. 3 | 11.9.18 


Snow began falling on our drive home from Des Moines yesterday afternoon. As Linda and I re-lived the delight of the two workshops I led at Mercy Medical Center, Linda’s cell phone rang. During a routine teeth cleaning, our vet had discovered a tumor in our beloved dog, Charlie Bear’s, spleen. 

And just like that life changed. It was decided to remove Charlie’s tumor and then make a determination. The snow picked up steam as we drove on. Hoping against hope to make it to the vet’s office in time to see him alive, we waited for the next call. Ten minutes away from the office, we learned that Charlie’s heart had stopped during the surgery, and it would not start again a second time. The great, big heart of our lab/Great Pyrenees mix was now silent. read more


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Will You Stand with Me starts with the truth that “Anyone can take the wheel when the see is calm and the coast is clear.” But who do we become when the “sea gets rough and the chips are down and the gig is up”? This is a song of gratitude for those who stand with us and a song of challenge that we might stay strong as we accompany each other in difficult days.

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