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We've finished up recording and mixing the new album at Weights and Measures Soundlab. Can't wait to share the new, eclectic bunch of songs with you! The official CD Release Show will be at Knuckleheads in Kansas City on Thursday, April 11th. Ticket link: Eventbrite Tickets

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A speedy glimpse inside Weights and Measures Soundlab during the recording of Joy Zimmerman's new CD, To the Girl. A special thanks to Nicholas Sloan for his GoPro footage. Video by Linda Dill. Minute and a Half - words & music by Joy Zimmerman, copyright 2013.

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Also looking forward to a big trip to Germany and Amsterdam with the Lost Cowgirl Revue in March. Woo hoo!  

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Note by Note: Sweet Bird | No. 10 | 3.10.19

Spring is coming….really, it is. 

As you and I have struggled with the ice and snow of this frigid winter, how have those tiny birds survived? 

And how do each of us survive turbulent times? I was convinced during one of the darkest periods of my life that songbirds were calling directly to me. Their simple, repetitive, insistent songs reassured me as I lay in the darkness unable to sleep. The sun would rise, and so would I, to face whatever lay ahead. 

I wrote “Sweet Bird” as a love song to those hardy creatures of hope. 

Sweet bird, sing your song, sweet bird 

Sweet bird, you need no words, sweet bird 

Songs of darkness, songs of dawn 

Inviting us to carry on 

Wake the world, sweet bird 

Brad Sneed, a dear friend, author and illustrator, painted a female cardinal for us. Both Brad and the cardinal star in this video. Read more

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Will You Stand with Me starts with the truth that “Anyone can take the wheel when the see is calm and the coast is clear.” But who do we become when the “sea gets rough and the chips are down and the gig is up”? This is a song of gratitude for those who stand with us and a song of challenge that we might stay strong as we accompany each other in difficult days.