Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Fall 2020

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Click for Kickstarter Link

“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality. “ ~ Jonas Salk 

Hello dear friends, 

In a world tossed and upside down, I have been challenged, provoked and inspired to write, rewrite and then write some more. Now a whole new crop of songs is ready to be recorded and shared with you. 

Why record and launch a new album during a pandemic and the shutdown of most live music? Because I believe in the power of music, connection and hope. My fervent wish is that this forthcoming album, The Canvas Before us, will bring you and others light in a time of darkness. 

As we move forward, what will we individually and collectively create on our life's canvas? 

My next chapter is to create music with a clear and authentic voice. I can't wait to share the new songs with you! They address courage, critics, media, living with intention, time, lukewarm love, standing with each other, prairie winds, connection despite distance...and much more. 

If you're not familiar with Kickstarter, it exists to help bring creative projects to life with the help of an artist’s community of supporters. 

The Canvas Before Us will be recorded in a gem of a studio in southern Illinois. My son Ryan and other stellar musicians will be joining me on the record. Kari Estrin, a fabulous music consultant in Nashville, will co-produce the album and promote it nationally on acoustic/folk radio. 

The official release date will be January 1st, 2021 to a national radio audience, but it will be released to you in late November/early December! 

Here's a video with more information about my Kickstarter Adventure....

I would love to collaborate with you!

* The Kickstarter campaign includes some new T-shirts, hoodies, holiday cards and new musical experiences for you to enjoy or give as alternative gifts! All rewards will be sent out by early November or early December in time for the holidays.  

* You're also invited to enjoy a front row seat for the album's creation with Backstage Access. We start recording in late September.  

* Each person can pledge once and choose one reward tier. If you don't see the right combination of fun rewards, contact me and we can make it happen  

* The Kickstarter runs for one month. We have to reach our goal to receive any of the funding.  

* These days many things don't go according to plan. Fingers crossed that we can stay healthy, record safely and stick to our proposed schedule.  

* All levels of participation are greatly appreciated! We know this is a challenging time for many -- your support is the best gift :)  

I hope you'll join me in this new adventure! If you're game, it’s wonderful and very helpful to have folks jump onboard the first day or two of the campaign!  

As we each write our next chapters, I send a thousand thanks for all your support and all the light you create~  

Love to you,