Maya Lin (1959-present) - designer | sculptor | environmentalist

Sharon Styer, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Maya Lin won a nationwide design contest for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. at the age of 21 . Lin said of her submission, "I imagined taking a knife and cutting into the earth, opening it up, and with the passage of time, that initial violence and pain would heal." Despite initial criticism over her minimalist design, her ethnicity and her lack of professional experience, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial became one of America's most revered memorials. Lin has designed numerous other memorials and sculptures, including the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama. Also known for environmentally-themed works, Lin's honors include a National Medal of Arts and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 


“Sometimes I think creativity is magic; it's not a matter of finding an idea, but allowing the idea to find you.” 

“A lot of my works deal with a passage, which is about time. I don't see anything that I do as a static object in space. It has to exist as a journey in time.” 

"I like to think of my work as creating a private conversation with each person, no matter how public each work is and no matter how many people are present.” 

"It terrified me to have an idea that was solely mine to be no longer a part of my mind, but totally public.” 


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Women Who Walked on Water

Joy Zimmerman

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Women Who Walked on Water (3:21) – mid-tempo with soulful vocals, rhythmic guitars, and lilting fiddle. A song of tribute to seventeen courageous women who changed the world.

Music & Lyrics by Joy Zimmerman

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