To the Girl description

To the Girl is the latest eclectic album written and sung by Joy Zimmerman, indie singer|songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. These songs celebrate love, taking chances, the wisdom of time, and cultivating what brings you joy. 

Co-produced by Joy Zimmerman and Jimmy Dykes, To the Girl was recorded, mixed and mastered by Duane Trower of Weights and Measures Soundlab in Kansas City. The musicians on the album are Joy Zimmerman, Jimmy Dykes, Ryan Dugan, Nicholas Sloan and Cindy Egger.  A 23-voice Choir of Light sang on Shed a Little Light, arranged by Ryan Dugan and Joy Zimmerman. 

The cadence of Pretty Sure started me down the road of this on-the-cusp love song. I wanted the chorus to open up like the vast ocean. “I’m pretty sure you’ll fill me with delight.” 

Why Be Normal challenges us to “squash the judge to claim a bigger life.” We could all have more fun if we “stop thinking we’re the only one who’s quirky.” 

If You’re Late to the Party invites everyone who arrives late to “get out there and dance.” I could either bemoan not discovering songwriting until midlife or “go take (my) chance.” 

Wanting my younger self to know that all would be well, To the Girl became a love letter to myself during chapters of challenge and change. “All the strands are being woven and tossed….” 

I was struck by the way our country was transfixed as one during the solar eclipse while deeply divided underneath. This juxtaposition led to What Next

When a friend remarked that she might “turn out A Better Raisin than a grape,” I knew that line would turn into a song. “We all improve in time.” 

Roach on a Hot Griddle is my one and only original fiddle tune (so far). 

Am I related to Bob Dylan? Bob & Me is a shout-out to the fella who once shared my last name. “Don’t think twice I might change my name too.” 

Big and Wide as the Sky was written for my boys and for parents everywhere who know “the bravery each heart will need.” 

After spotting a flower contorting to seek sunlight, Shed a Little Light affirms our need for “more light, more hope and more peace.” 

Although I’m not a bit Irish, My’Rish Blessing declares my wishes for you. “Be brave and kind again.” 

All songs written and sung by Joy Zimmerman (BMI) 

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