Until The Dawn 

Until The Dawn is an adventurous, bold recording by singer|songwriter Joy Zimmerman. Its songs travel from rock to blues to folk to bluegrass and even klezmer and disco. Joy’s musical depth is revealed in humor, longing, survival and re-invention. 

Until the Dawn was the first of Joy’s albums produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Fett at Azalea Studios in Nashville. Exceptional musicians Ron Krasinski, Chas Williams, Dave Hoffner, Ron Krasinski, Dave Webb, Tim Lorsch, Jim Hoke, and Nancy Moran helped bring these compelling songs to life. 

The title track, Until the Dawn, takes the listener on the journey of a world turning upside down, asking finally “Are you ready…for me?” 

River Between explores the waters between the triumphs and tragedies of our lives. “We are mystery and knowing, innocent and aged all at once.” 

If you’ve ever wondered how so many single socks end up in the dryer, Life as Laundromat is for you. “I catch your eye as our clothes dry…is there any way we could match?” 

Set It Down invites the listener to set their burdens down and “Rest a while with me.” 

I Used to Know depicts the heartbreak of not knowing “how to make this jagged road between us straight again” while remembering full well that you “used to know how.” 

Minute and a Half celebrates falling in love in…say…a minute and a half, which, as it turns out, can be “plenty of time.” 

Treat You Right wants her friend to ensure that if her boyfriend doesn’t treat her well “day after day, night after night”, she will “make sure that screen door slams on his way out.” 

I Wish You’d Met Me When My Stomach Was Flat says it all. Despite the “laugh lines around my eyes” and “my expanding thighs”, we just might be “hitting our prime.” 

After living through betrayal, First Stone asks “How did you choose your first stone to strike bone?” and cautions the betrayer to “Be careful what you wish for; more careful what you throw; be careful what your mouth says when you don’t know.” 

Imaging possibilities such as “Plato and Einstein connecting” and “Amelia landing and finishing that feat”, Shakespeare Texting wonders “Might Central Casting send you to me?” 

When You Are Gone to Me is a simple lament with a lone voice, piano and cello. “When you are gone to me, I will know the imprint you have made on the center and the edges of my life.” 

All songs written and sung by Joy Zimmerman (BMI) 

For more information, visit joyzimmermanmusic.com