Soulful Acoustic

Joy Zimmerman is a soulful singer|songwriter known for compelling vocals, award-winning songs, and captivating performances. A touring musician based in Kansas City, Joy recently released To the Girl, her sixth album of original music. Joy is a multi-instrumentalist whose eclectic music dives into the everyday and the extraordinary.

Hats Off to 2020!

My word of intention for this new year is “gutsy.” I originally toyed with “fearless” but decided that a certain amount of fear will be my companion if I’m living right. Choosing gutsiness, I’m declaring “Hats Off to 2020!” 

In 2020 I’ll be stepping further into my power and letting my songs take center stage. To mark this new chapter…this new year…this new decade, I’m taking my hats off for a while. I need some newness, some freshness and more freedom. Read more

Featured Videos

Thanks to Charlie Steen for recording "Until the Dawn" at the Folk Alliance Region Midwest conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

It's always a pleasure to play at the Green Guitar Folk House in Kansas City. Here's "My'Rish Blessing" for the wonderful folks there.

Latest Track

Wanting my younger self to know that all would be well, To the Girl became a love letter to myself during chapters of challenge and change. “All the strands are being woven and tossed….”