Note by Note: Christmas Card Blues | No. 4 | 12.11.18

One of my favorite Christmas cards ever arrived in our mailbox several years ago. The front photo had your typical darling, smiling, outfit-coordinated children, but the backside was hilarious. The photographer captured the action a few minutes before or afterwards…

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Note By Note: O Sorrow | No. 3 | 11.9.18 

Snow began falling on our drive home from Des Moines yesterday afternoon. As Linda and I re-lived the delight of the two workshops I led at Mercy Medical Center, Linda’s cell phone rang. During a routine teeth cleaning, our vet…

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Note by Note: An Introduction | No.1 | 10.22.18

I love hearing the inspirations that led songwriters to their songs. And I love knowing what makes artists tick. 

These fascinations led me to this leap of faith into the blogging world. My intent is to explain Note by Note

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