Lights Along the Way 

Lights Along the Way by singer|songwriter Joy Zimmerman is a spiritual collection of songs born of deep gratitude, longing and hope. The title comes from imagining the moments of our lives as a vast string of lights stretching behind and in front of us. “I want to be proud of these moments strung together like the lights along the way…” 

The amazing musicians joining me on this album are Jimmy Dykes, Gary Helm, Ray DeMarchi and Andrew Outlette. Jimmy and I co-produced Lights Along the Way with Duane Trower of Weights and Measures Soundlab masterfully recording, mixing and mastering each song. 

The title track, Lights Along the Way, was the first song I wrote during my recovery from a brain hemorrhage. As I took stock of what had happened and reflected on how fortunate I felt, I wrote of my new resolve to “live out loud” and “go gently on the earth”. 

I Am Here is based on the astonishing belief that God has provided for us even before we ask. And knowing the tremendous gifts we have each received, I hope we live so that “We are here for each other”. 

As a child I remember learning about the Biblical practice of Jubilee but being bewildered that we had to wait every 50th year for slaves to be freed, debts to be forgiven, and mercy to be bestowed. My adult self has learned that if we want such a Jubilee, we must ask ourselves: “What am I going to do to make it so?” 

Beloved is my musical imagining of God’s claim that we are each beloved. The beautiful and profound knowledge that we “are loved beyond all knowing” is life-changing. 

This is a new version of Set It Down, a song based on my experience of sitting with a young woman while she set down some of the pain she was carrying. Her load was heavy, and she taught me the importance of simply being present when offering to “Let me share the burden.” 

On a morning walk I was struck with gratitude that God has accompanied me Thus Far through thick and thin. I give thanks, knowing that “I still have a long way to go”. 

Will You Stand with Me begins with the truth that “Anyone can take the wheel when the see is calm and the coast is clear.” But who do we become when the “sea gets rough and the chips are down and the gig is up”? This is a song of gratitude for those who stand with us and a song of challenge that we might stay strong as we accompany each other in difficult days. 

My fervent wish is that these songs speak to you. 

All songs written and sung by Joy Zimmerman (BMI) 

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