Mosaic description

Mosaic is the first spiritual collection by Joy Zimmerman, singer|songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. This album speaks of struggle and celebration. Grace in the midst of hardship. Tragedy and triumph. A mosaic. 

This diverse array of songs was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Fett at Azalea Studios in Nashville. The stellar musicians include Chas Williams, Dave Hoffner, Ron Krasinski, Dave Webb, Joel Atkins, Nancy Moran, Jim Hoke, Jelly Roll Johnson, and Tim Lorsch. 

Vocal arrangements by Mark Kibble of Take 6 and vocal performances by Mark Kibble and his choir elevate Be With Me, The Gift of Light, and A New Day. 

Be With Me begins with a cry for accompaniment during the trials of our lives and ends with the reassurance that “With your Spirit here, you will guide and strengthen me.” 

Night Is Not Yet Dawn acknowledges that we all have much more work to do –“We have more wounds to mend, more fields to tend, more bridges to build, light to shine…” 

Plant Me A Tree affirms that although we are “uprooted, stormed and tossed”, our roots and branches are intertwined and “the leaves will fall softly and carry (us) home…” 

A New Day longs for new eyes, hands, ears, thoughts and words so “that we might spill over with Your love” and “cast our lives anew.” 

Feeling broken with pieces “too heavy to leave behind,” I wrote Mosaic in hopes that we can “find peace with the fragments together” as “we are changing in the tide.” 

O Sorrow is my conversation with sorrow, a challenging presence in all of our lives, from the initial shock of a deep loss to the integration and knowledge that our “architecture (has been) changed.” 

The Gift of Light encourages us to celebrate the many gifts ”we received long before our birth and those that we receive each day on earth,” including love, peace, hope and light. 

When You Are Gone To Me, “I will know the imprint you have made on the center and the edges of my life.” 

In the waters between ”tragedy and triumph, broken and whole” is the River Between. 

Inspired by the This I Believe radio series, I decided to capture some of my beliefs in I Believe, including “we are all chosen; a single strand weaves through us all…” 

You Don’t Know Grace “til You Really Need It; “you don’t know faith until you question” and “you don’t know mercy until it rains on down when your knees are on-a the ground.” 

A New Day (choir excerpt) is the gift of stunning voices singing “I wanna see with new eyes a new way…”  

May these songs help you reflect on the mosaic of your own faith journey. 

All songs written and sung by Joy Zimmerman (BMI) 

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