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Light the Stage (2:29) – up tempo with empowering vocals, rhythmic guitars and expressive fiddle. After the false promises of others, take back the stage knowing you can light your own stage.


Light the Stage
Words & Music by Joy Zimmerman

You could part the waters for me
You might bar the door
Could you be the expert I have wanted?
One who sets the score

Will you be laying the red carpet
Or locking it away?
You may grant the golden ticket
Or keep me at bay

Are you critic, creator, lover or hater
Will you bring us down?
When everyone’s a critic
Reviews all come around

Will you part the waters?
Let us take the floor
Are you the expert we have longed for?
Do you keep a hidden score?

Are you rolling out red carpets
Or pulling them astray?
You promised me the spotlight
Yet you won’t light the stage

Is anybody listening?
Is anybody out there?

We create because we have to
A feast of inner good
I am beauty and beholder
Only I know where I’ve stood

I will part the waters
Open all the doors
I can be my own expert
Settle any score

I could steer the magic carpet
Or rip it all away
I am the golden ticket
I will light the stage
I am my golden ticket
I will light the stage