From the recording Where the Light Lives

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Joy finds a sense of humor in her mixed reactions to the power of social media. A myriad of instruments highlights the distractibility, appeal and challenge of modern technology.


Hoping for a Click
Music & Lyrics by Joy Zimmerman

Hoping for a click
Looking for a like
Comment here to make me feel all right
Vying for a view
Searching for a swipe
Each thumbs up makes it all worthwhile

The new judge and jury
A vast virtual crowd
Swarms on algorithms
Disappears without a sound

If I parachute, dance on a pin
Film my breakfast, grow thicker skin
Learn to juggle, yodel or invent a twin
Would it work to bring me numbers, sweet numbers

Can I get a click
Will you show some love
Will you follow me to kingdom come

Waiting for a click
Living for a like
Read my post so I can sleep tonight
I just want to feel all right
I’m hoping for a click